3 months old baby

Question: Hi, i delivered baby on 27th November. And i got my periods on 9th feb, now again am bleeding today. What may be the reason? How am bleeding within 15 days? Is it possible? Or should i consult doctor?

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Answer: No need to consult your doctor now, after delivery you can get your period as soon as 1 and half month. And period could be irregular sometimes heavy or sometimes low flow, so it is normal don't worry.
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Question: my postpartum bleeding was ended on 2nd September then on 15 September again little spotting occurred for 4 days and now on 27th September again little spotting started today... what is the reason ?? are they periods or what????
Answer: Hi dear, Please donot worry.this will go on for few weeks to months.it is completely normal.as you know the hormones have been in surge in pregnancy,and post delivery,they need to normalize.and it cannot happen suddenly,slowly once the hormones are in place,your cycle would come back to normal.also note that,some women would skip periods for months too.if you breastfeed your baby ,you might not get periods for year.but that did not happen in my case.i breastfed my baby from the beginning and I got my periods from the third month itself.so it depends person to person.you are having spotting,once all the old blood comes off,you can expect a gap of few more months to get your cycle back.this doesn't mean you are not ovulating.so take precautions if you are having sex to avoid any unplanned pregnancy.
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Question: hi. . . I got delivered on 27th Dec.. bleeding was there for 15 days. . now today I have bleeding again.. is this normal. should I have to meet gynaecologist.
Answer: It is absolutely normal. I have same problem bleeding about 1 month amd after 2 days again bleeding starts.. gynec told me it was normal. nothing tp worry.
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Question: I delivered thru c section on march 5 ...later april 23i got my periods n now again i hav my periods on may 7...plz can anyone tel me reason to hav periods in 15 days again??
Answer: It would be the reason of heat and harmonal imbalance and sometime your periods will start early too so please to check wheather its regular period
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