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Question: Hi i am vanitha, this is my 5th year of marriage, last year i have concieved but it was an ectopic pregnancy in left overy so doctor told me to inject and remove that so i done that now my left overy is fine and safe. But when i am getting sex in left overy is paining. So pls suggest me to get a pregnant. So pls pls pls pls 🙏 answer me 😭. I am waiting to convince. Pls pls pls reply me

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Question: I'm 4th month pregnent my wisdom teeth is paining. Dentist told me to remove the teeth but I'm scared it is safe to remove teeth in pregnancy
Answer: Yes dear it is absolutely fine to get the treatment in second trimester. Please do not worry and go ahead with the treatment. Hope it helps.
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Question: I have an ectopic pregnency one year ago and my left tube was ruptured. I am again conceive in my right tube
Answer: Hi Dear! Conception is possible with one tube, because you can ovulate from one tube whereas other is removed, since you are planning a pregnancy now, i would strongly suggest to meet your gynea and discuss the things you need to maintain this time and if possible be on medication to improve ovulation which can increase your chances of conception.. Hope this helps!
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Question: Hi I am in 30th week...... Everyone says that sleeping in left side is good, but I am not sleeping in left side, so I am sleeping in right side... Is it fine? Is it any harm to my baby...?
Answer: Sleeping in left side will help you to improve your blood circulation since our heart is placed in left side and it will help your baby too.If you can't sleep in left side try to sleep in left side while laying during day time and hear good music it will relax you
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