28 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi i am pregnant with twins and my blood test shows 4.15 as tsh level..is it normal. Please reply

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Answer: Hi dear, TSH progressing towards 5 should be treated.right now it might not be an issue,but I am expecting it would rise in future weeks.as the thyroid requirement increases during pregnancy.so talk to doctor,if you need minimum dose of it now.try to maintain it around 3.
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    Monisha Venkatesh835 days ago

    Thank you

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Question: I am 5weeks pregnant..I have done my thyroid test..It shows high tsh level,7.27.is it bad??
Answer: Yes its not good. Ur doc must have prescribed a tablet for you take that. usually it must be consumed in d morning empty stomach. But this can be controlled with proper medication.
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Question: Hi my TSH test level 0.033 is it normal
Answer: Hello below normal  levels of TSH indicate hyperthyroidism. However, low TSH levels may also occur in a normal pregnancy , especially in the first trimester, due to the small increase in thyroid hormones from HCG...take proper medication and rest as much as you can..
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Question: I am 7weeks pregnant my TSH level is 2.915 is it normal? Please confirm me.
Answer: Yes it's normal. 0.4-4 is normal in first trimester, so donor worry. But keep checking in second and third trimester as well. If you found this helpful please click the helpful button
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