11 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi i am in 10week of pregnancy and i am feeling nausea in evening time and feeling enerfetic in day time but not in evening time . When i start feeling good nd energetic.

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Answer: dis is normal in first 3-4 months..just take rest when u feel like dis.and take proper diet.
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Question: hi I have nausea in evening time ...
Answer: Drink lots of water. It has often been found that morning sickness can lead to dehydration. Dehydration can also induce nausea. Stay Away From Stress: Sometimes, emotional triggers like stress can result in morning sickness. Keep calm and try to understand your triggers and look to avoid things . Eat Small But Regular Meals: Eating regular food in the right dose helps ease the symptoms of morning sickness. You can also consider a cold meal.
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Question: Hi i am 8 weeks pregnant i am feeling nausea of vomit during evening every day pls advice
Answer: It happens mam. These are the first trimester symptoms. Avoid oily foods as it takes time to digest. Eat lot of fruits. Have lemon with you. Try smelling it whenever you feel like. If it is excess try contacting your doctor she may prescribe you medicines. Eat healthy mam. Don't stop eating just because you have vomiting feeling. You should be healthier now.
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Question: My lmp 18 april its 29th day still period not come feeling dizziness nd nausea constipation n cramps in leg and stomach when should i check pregnancy test?
Answer: Hello dear...i suggest you wait till till 20may and than check for pregnancy test..your symptoms are although looking like you are expecting.. u can check it now also if u want but if it shows negative dont be disheartened and check again after a week as pregnancy symptoms should reach in your urine by the time you check.
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