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Question: Hi, i am having pcos, this time im using fsh injections , my13th day follicle size is 12×17mm is that good size for iui ?

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Answer: hi dear! it should be approx 18-20mm for the iui treatment dear. as it will be successfull. take care.
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Question: Cycle day 12 scanning report sees dominant follicle.right follicle size 12.2×8.2 is this normal
Answer: It ll keep increasing for every 2 days. So, keep on monitoring till it reaches 18 to 20. We cannot predict which side ll be dominant follicle. Because my right side was 14 and left side was 10 in the beginning. But finally left side only reached 20.
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Question: Cycle day 12 right follicle size was 12.2×8.2 and left follicle was 9.5×7.9 is this normal for conceiving
Answer: Hi dear, Your follicle size is small for 12 th should be above 15 for fertilization.
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Question: Hi I am having pcos. Today is my 17th day. I go through follicular study, Dr said Me there is no follicle. But on 15th day scan there is follicle in right ovary measuring 17*18 cm. Is this good follicle. My endometrium thickness is this possible? Pls rply me
Answer: Yes this is good.that means u ovuluted this month.
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