24 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi...i am confused about delivery...which is good??? Either normal or operation in everything like body, pain, post delivery issues, etc.... Please guide me....

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Answer: Normal delivery is good we don't have a issue of back pain if it is normal and we can be more active and do our own work normally if is normal delivery
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Question: Hi doctor , please tell me either vaginal delivery or cesarian is good?
Answer: Hii normal is always better as it is a natural way of giving birth. U get recover early. Get discharge from hospital early .Women are three times more likely to die during Caesarean delivery than a vaginal birth, due mostly to blood clots, infections and complications from anesthesia.Women who undergo vaginal births avoid having major surgery and its associated risks, such as severe bleeding, scarring, infections, reactions to anesthesia and more longer-lasting pain. And because a mother will be less woozy from surgery, she could hold her baby and may begin breastfeeding sooner after she delivers. A woman who has a C-section typically stays in the hospital longer, two to four days on average, compared with a woman who has a vaginal delivery. Having a C-section also increases a woman's risk for more physical complaints following delivery, such as pain or infection at the site of the incision and longer-lasting soreness.
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Question: Hi which delivery is best either c section or normal
Answer: Hi, Normal delivery is any time best for both mother and baby...For mother because she need not go through the operation and c section stitches.. For baby because u through normal delivery the strength of the baby increases when baby is born as compared to easily coming out in c section...
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Question: Which oil is good for post natal care or after c section delivery for body massage??
Answer: Hi dear. Since mustard oil improves heat it is preferred to give the warmth after delivery and also helps in healing process. Also it releives joint pain and improve blood circulation.
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