31 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi.i am 8 th month pregnant.2nd month blood test my thyroid level is 8.8. Doctor thyronorm 50mcg is suggested.after 3 rd month my thyroid level decreased to 2.4. In 5 th month thyroid level 3.8 .and now 8 th month again increased my thyroid level 4.6. daily early morning before food i take tablet.but why it is increased.So many times i asked doctor but she is not replied properly.pls tel me any one.i feeling Very bad.

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Question: Hello...i am 2 month pregnant,i am not a thyroid patient (TSH value 3.8)... doctor advised me to take 50mcg thyronorm tablet as she said my TSH value is more for pregnancy...is it ok?
Answer: Yes.Tsh value cut off is around 5.5.But as per the current protocol during pregnancy if your tsh value is above 2 you need to take treatment for subclinical hypothyroidism by consuming thyronorm tabs.Usually doc starts with a higher dose in the beginning and the value has to be checked after 5 weeks .They reduce or increase the dose according to your latest TSH value.
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Question: Mam my thyroid level before conceiving was 1-2.its my 9 th week of pregnancy..level again increased 6.80.i am taking 75 mg thyronorm regularly....why its happened again. Plz ans.. your ans provided me mental support.... thank you
Answer: Hormone fluctuations happens during pregnancy. And its pretty common, continue your thyroid tablets & check your levels regularly. Bcoz elevated thyroid levels can cause brain anamolies in baby... So don't skip your tablets... Check your thyroid levels regularly...
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Question: Hi.i am 32 week pregnant. My tsh level is 8.8 in 7th week. doctor thyronorm 50 mcg suggested.. 21st week again i checked my tsh level is 3.8. it increase.. now i am 32 week pregnant my tsh level 4.9. . daily i took tablet before food. I dont know why it is increased..i asked my doctor but she is not replied..pls tel me why it is increased..i am very scared... someone said Mother have thyroid problem fetal brain is not developed...pls tel me any one pls
Answer: Im also suffering with thyroid..my tsh is 7.8 in 5th week..my doc suggeted thyronorm 75mcg an early morning..now my tsh is normal...my doc said thyroronm tablet works effecttively at moring...
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