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Question: Hi i am 7 weeks pregnant and i m having severe nausea and vomiting. Wat ever i eat i vomit ..though i m taking anitemetic i m unable to control vomiting. I m little scared. Please suggest if anythng can be done.

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Answer: Hi dear nausea in pregnancy is very common. If you still not able to even eat after taking medication, then you should ask your Dr. This thing and to change the medicines. Mee too having same problem then Dr. Prescribed me a capsule named perinorm cd for vomit. And even after that I had problem but not like earlier.. Pls ask your Dr. To change the medicine if you are not getting relief.
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Question: I m 7 weeks preg...can i eat soaked almonds ,boiled egg and chapati every day?and can i eat drumsticks?i m facing severe constipation...what should i do? And i m vomiting alot though having tablets for vomiting..
Answer: Avoid drumstick till the last month of delivery. Drumstick can cause miscarriage. Avoid egg till you complete 1st trimester, later you can have 1-2egg in a week. Also, soaked almond only 2-3 daily not more as they're heating. Chapati, you can eat daily. In fact avoid rice and have chapatti.
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Question: i m in ma first trimister.. nd vomiting is in continuity.. i m unable to digest anythng.. plz suggest me how to get rid of nausea and vomiting
Answer: try lemon ginger water... keep ur self hyderated... have small small meals n snacks... have fresh orange juice..
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Question: I m having severe nausea and not able to eat anythng
Answer: its normal in first trimester just eat small portion every 2hrs nd drink lemon water to cure nausea
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