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Question: Hi.. i am 7 months pregnant. I have not gained much weight. I was 89 kg from 1 to 5 months. Now i am 91 kgs. When i got a scan done during the 5 month, the doctor informed that everything is fine and the baby's growth is also fine. Is this normal weight gain or not. What shall i do to gain weight?

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Answer: Hello dear. There is a specific range within which healthy women with uncomplicated pregnancies should stay: For women who start their pregnancies at a health rate, it’s 11 to 16 kgs. (The range varies for underweight to overweight to obese women, as the larger a woman is at the start of her pregnancy, the less weight she should gain to maintain a healthy pregnancy.) Unfortunately, deviating too far from these ranges can lead to serious complications for mother and baby. I would say consukt ur doctor to understand how much weight gain is good for you. Hope this helps.
Answer: Hi even i face this. From 1 to 5 no weight gain in 6th month i increased 4kgs. My doctor told me not to gain weight maximum 1 kg per month. She told me to avoid sweets, oil food, daily half hr walk morning and evening
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Question: I have gained 4 kgs in one month...am 24 weeks pregnant and so far I have gained 7.55 kg overall and my current weight is 74.46 kg..is it OK to gain this much weight...what shud I do to reduce my weight gain..is it possible to not gain any weight in this coming month if I eat only healthy stuff
Answer: Hello ... Pregnancy is a wonderful phase ,in which each mom have amazing experience, you can't able to diet at this stage,but healthy eating and milk exercise will give you healthy baby, and it control your weight gain too,you can shed all your extra calorie during postnatal care,don't get worried.. Your food should contain all nutrients that needed for you and your baby, wat you eat will be more noted during delivery, you should have that much strength and stamina to entering into a new phase Include more fruits , vegetables, whole grains,oats,egg.. Include more dry fruits,fish Avoid oily,fried ,packed stuff Avoid refined sugar,pastries too Physical activity As all our moms advice to be active in these times, but at the same time rest is also to be taken in regular intervals Mild walking for an 30 min is essential Kegal exercises can help a lot,but you should starting doing this with doctors advice Join maternity yoga classes,they not only helps in delivery , it helps in postnatal care too Keep your mind relaxed, enjoy your favourite hobby. Get enough sleep, whenever possible and intake of water is also taken in account
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Question: hello mam....iam in 5th month , my weight is 60 kgs....within 5 months of my pregnancy i have gained 10 kgs also iam a vegetarian. please give any suggestions to gain the growth of my baby not for me??
Answer: They include-Avocado, broccoli, green beans, cabbage,spinach,fenugreek, carrots, yoghurt, cheese, dry fruits, peanut, butter, sunflower , pumpkin seeds,beans, breads, cereals, rice, strawberry, papaya, banana,dates. Have a lot of vitamin c rich food for complete absorption of iron
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Question: how Much weight gain is healthy month wise... i am Fat and have gained 3 kg in 4 months.. my doctor warned me to not gain so mych weight, as i will gain in the end...
Answer: Hi! Generally 0-2 kgs can be gained in the first trimester and then 1-2 kg per month during pregnancy. But if the doctor has warned you then go easy on sugar, oily and dairy products. Make sure you do some exercise like 30 mins walking in a day.
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