37 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi .....i am 36 week 5 days pregnant ..yesterday i went for checkup coj i have a pain in my pelvic area...or lower abdomen.nd smtimes in legs nd back pain..my doctr did my vaginal examination nd said i have 2 3 days for delivery bt due date is 23 march...so now i have no major issue bt smtimes feel pain like pain during periods...so its a sign of labour.....am i safe or baby is..

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Answer: Yes dear. The period like pain at this stage is a sign of labor. Also delivery can take place between 37 weeks to 40 weeks. So. Please do. Not worry if doctor is saying it is time for you because your cervix could be dilated and ur baby would be in head down position. Ur baby would be absolutely. Safe so please do as ur doctor says. Hope it helps.
Answer: Hi dear, Once you are full term,labor pain can happen anytime.i got labor pain 2 weeks prior to my due date.so if your baby is fully developed,you can get labor anytime.
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Question: I am in 33 weeks, I have a little pain in vaginal area while I pee but no any itching. Is it a good sign or bad sign?
Answer: Hi dear, Sounds like a round ligament pain.there are two ligaments that holds uterus.it is usually short ligaments and once the Pregnancy progresses,it stretches too much,hence sudden movements would give such pains.donot worry.it should.subsife in some time.so better to move around slowly.,..,,
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Question: I have pain in my pelvic area is that sign of early labour pain
Answer: Hi dear, Not really.such pains are common.you would get false labor pains which is called Braxton and Hicks contractions too prior to delivery.any pelvic pain or abdomen cramps that increase its intensity in each interval of time would be the sign of true labor.
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Question: Hello everyone... I have slight pain in vaginal area. Is it a sign of early labour?
Answer: Slight pain is normal. So u need to worry if u can't tolerate it or ur water bag breaks
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