22 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi..i am 21 weeks pregnant.frm last few days my breast veins r bng visible nd turning reddish..y is it happening..is der nythn to worry? Plz suugest

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Question: I m 20 weeks pregnant nd my recent ultrasound report says dat der is one single cord around d neck of baby..is der nythn to worry abt it?
Answer: Hello, its comon concern worrying about the umbilical cord getting wrapped around your baby's neck among pregnant women, know that as often as it happens, it rarely causes a problem.  Particularly in the first and early second trimesters when a baby's size is very small, their constant movement can lead to wrapping the umbilical cord around different parts of their body-- arms, legs and sometimes their necks.  In fact, most of babies are born with their umbilical cord wrapped around their neck (called a nuchal cord).   there is no need to worry about this as the baby will constantly moving in the uterus it can the come out of the cord at any point of time. sometimes you can have a normal delivery also but it depends on the doctor if they wants to do a C section or normal delivery. hope this helps happy pregnancy.
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Question: Hi..Am 21 weeks pregnant..During my scan yesterday they said poor visibility of the baby ..Why is it not visible?would der be a problem?Am afraid
Answer: You must ask your doctor if the visibility is poor due to contamination of amniotic fluid it happens sometimes that babies pass out a little of poop inside the sac and the whole amniotic fluid is discoloured because of which the baby is not visible properly sometimes it is little bit tough technical defect from the sonography side so do not worry if you have been told to repeat this scan you can repeat this scan it is safe you can repeat this scan twice in a day it is very safe
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Question: Hi I am 7 weeks pregnant.frm last three days I am having brown spotting..is it normal??!
Answer: I m also suffering from d same problm from 4th dec to till nw...smjh nai aa rha hai kya hi rha hai..
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