7 months old baby

Question: Hi how to treat tonsillitis... Does teething cause tonsillitis

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Question: Does teething cause fever?
Answer: Hi! Usuallt not but varies child to child. Teething is a painful phase and i have listed few common symptom below; 1) Drooling 2) Swollen gums 3) Irritability 4) Loss of sleep 5) Trying to bite and suck everything comes his way. 6)Rejection of food etc. Few babies poop loose too. If your baby does nt want to have solid please provide liquid and lots of breast milk as it works as a soother. Massage the gum of your baby with a cold and clean muslin cloth wrapping in your finger. Give the baby cold teether to suck on. You can give home made fruit popsicles too. Good luck !
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Question: Does teething cause fever}?????
Answer: Yes, it might cause mild fever, but, any temperature above 101 degrees is likely from an infection rather than teething. So you need to keep a check on the same, and consult a pediatrician if temperature is more..
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Question: Does teething cause diarrhea?
Answer: I can understand your anxiety. Most of the babies have motions during teething. This is only because they put everything they find in mouth to soothe their itching. Give sterilised teethers only to reduce or avoid these problems. Motions can be controlled by following some tips 1.Give baby fenugreek with curd as it helps to reduce motions 2.Give ors it helps to rehydrate baby well as well as helps to reduce motions 3.Take mustard seeds,dry roast in a pan, make powder. Give a pinch of this powder with warm water as it helps to remove any disturbance of stomach motions will get controlled. Give lots of liquids like water, coconut water, ors and see baby is rehydrated well.Teething may not cause vomits. If any other symptoms such as fever start, you need to consult doctor. Take care
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