3 months old baby

Question: Hi hello my cousin also have 3months 10 days baby boy he got brain infection?? Is there any serious?? Why brain infection will happend??? Plzzzz tell me

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Answer: There can be various causes of meningitis like bacteria, fungi and virus..mostly bacterial do occur. According to the type treatment can be given to decrease the pressure and fight against the organism.
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Answer: Iam also face same problem in my 14 week my doctor gives some Harmon tablets now iam completely fine and u also once concelt your doctor immediately pls don't neglect
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Question: Hello mu baby boy is 31 days old. He is not going motion since yesterday night. Is there any ptoblem he has? Please also tell home remedies
Answer: Hi.. Yes it is ok and nothing to worry in that as if ur baby is formula feeding baby or breastfeeding baby then he can go without poop 2 to 3 days. Give Your Baby “Bicycle Legs”. Try a Different Brand of Formula. Massage Her Tummy. Give Him a Warm Bath.
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