3 months old baby

Question: Hi, having burning sensation while and after passing motion. It's very painful and I can't sit or sleep. Bleeding is not happening for every bowel movements but burning.

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Answer: Hello ma'am Do check weather your baby is havimg constipation or diarrhea If constipation than give little v little purens juice or apple juice . Give lots of water Massage the urinary and stools passing area by warm coconut oil. And give a wstm water bath in bsby bath tub If after doing home remedies for 1 to 2 days and baby is still not comfortable than do show to your Pediatrician Take care
Answer: I would suggest you to consult a gynecologist for a first check. For a immediate relief at home, try sitting in a medium hot water tub for 10-15 minutes with stone salt added to it.
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Answer: This is a symptom of Urinary Tract Infection, which is easily curable. Kindly reach out to your doc.
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Question: I HD my car section delivery on 24 august... N after having a loose motion for 5 days now I'm facing problem in passing stool n it's vry painful after pooping even after two three hours can't sit... Pls suggest
Answer: U should nt do pressure at this time...stitches may affect so enema is a good option
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