2 months old baby

Question: Hi gm . My baby is 2 months old. Mu breasts are getting much bigger n bigger i m faciy lot's of problems plz suggest me something

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Answer: I do not worry your breast is getting bigger and bigger this is because of the milk production and the hormonal changes that is nothing to worry when you will stop feeling your baby you can do exercises between an to make the best come to is normal size
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Question: Hi. I have saggy breasts. Plz tell me something to tighten my breasts. M breastfeeding mother
Answer: SAGGING BREAST..(LOOSE BREAST)... Loose breast mostly dieting, pregnancy, feeding,aging n harmonal changes se ho jati hai... 1 Exercise...Apni arms ko round move kijiy...clockwise n anti clockwise...25 each ke 3.4 sets kijiy daily. 2 Breast Massage...olive oil ko lukewarm krk night me daily massage kijiy circular motion me down to upwards.. 3 Drink lots of water dehydration se bhi skin loose ho jati hai... 4 Drink milk mor_ eve daily... 5 Raw mango ka pulp grind krk breast pr lgaiey n 15 minutes ke bad wash kr lijiy... 6 Supari pak khaiye... 7 4 cloves garlic daily lijiy...
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Question: Hi. I m 36 weeks of pregnant. My baby weight is 2kg100gm. I m so much worried. Plz suggest something
Answer: hi dear approx weight of baby at 36 weeks should be 2.6 kg . so yeah sure baby weight is a bit less. but don't worry you can definitely increase your baby weight now . start having 500 ml of milk in entire day at protein powder in it and have it. also I dry fruits fruits in your diet especially banana helps in increasing baby weight . have small male in every 2 hour don't have whole mail at once but break your meal in every 2 hours. protein helps in increasing baby weight so having 2 egg white will also help have pulses too.
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Question: Hi i hanve delayed my periods for 2 months n i m not pregnant plz suggest something
Answer: There can be various reasons for delay in the mensuration like hormonal imbalance, stress etc. Consult your doctor and go for hormonal profile to rule out the cause and based on the the result you can be treated.
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