2 months old baby

Question: Hi from the day one used to give bottle feed after 21 days started latching breast milk even though my baby used to drink bottle milk also ysday v visited child specialist Dey scolded and suggested not to give any milk other than breast feed so from ysday nit onward my baby latching continuously without break even I try to convince him, he s not.. He want to latch everytime not even sleep also...

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Answer: Dont worry dear...u can give bottle feed to baby...hut also try breastfeed also..as per doctors they always prefer mother breastfeed because it is best for baby.
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Question: My baby is not latching and breast milk goes down. She want to drink milk from bottle. What to do?
Answer: hi dear ,if your baby will not let and not do latching properly then obviously your milk flow will goes down. If your baby like to feed from bottle you can pump your milk and serve it in bottle. As your baby is already 5 months old you also can start giving a baby Semi solid and solid foods as mashed potato/ sweet potato/ banana/ carrot puree/ pumpkin puree / Apple puree and in fruit juices you can give Orange/ mosambi/ pomegranate/ pineapple & prune. With breastfeeding you can also start formula feeding. hope this will help.
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Question: My baby is not even latching, he is not taking my breast milk, I used to take lactare tablet twice a day
Answer: Hi! Lactare tablets has nothing to do with the refusals its common in this age.. A baby refusing feed can be very stressful for the mother and in most cases breast refusal is temporary. However please check these points as well which might help you to analyse the reason better.. 1) Breast is engorged and difficult for baby to feed. 2) Baby is full and doesnt want feed, in this case follow hid cues. 3) The flow of your milk, in the first few weeks the flow is more, and tough to handle for the baby. 4) Weather can affect feeding. Things which might help; *Skin to skin contact play a major role in feeding. *Changing position of feeding once and check. Reasons can be the above, please see to them. Good luck!
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Question: Do bottle feeding forces baby not to take breast milk??? i feed my baby but still he feels fullfilled only after having powder milk. even though I feed him for 45-60 mins. he is only 20days old.
Answer: It completely fine dear nothing to worry on, you know what now a days babies are too smart they prefer to to have bottle as they don't need to work hard as they do for breast milk. So give him both BM and FM.
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