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Question: Hi frndz I am 16 weeks today.but i dint have baby bump still.and i dont feel any movemnts. My family asking me whether i feel babys movements? But i dint. Pls help me. And for me placenta is placed posterior.

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Answer: Hi! First of all congratulations for your pregnancy now baby bump starts to show up between 16 to 22 weeks of pregnancy because during this time your baby grows baby bump starts showing and as well as the movements are concerned the baby start moving in the home since 7 to 8 weeks of pregnancy but they are so little and time that they are not felt by you or are seen from outside but as the baby grows bigger around 19 to 20 weeks of pregnancy you start getting to feel the movements firstly it would be like fluttering of butterfly and you may feel that these are gas but they are actually baby's movement which grow with time stronger and sharper and there is no problem with posterior Placenta it only means that the Placenta is attached at the back of the uterus and it is normal and common in a lot of pregnancy in there is nothing to be worried about all will happen with time.. Hope this helps!
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