25 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi friends I am six month pregnant that heard chinese gender prediction is 90%accurate is it trure

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Answer: Hey, it worked for me both times. But did not work for my sister. It is only a prediction. Do not waste your time on all that.
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    Swathi Dev829 days ago

    Thank you friend

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Question: Anybody know about gender prediction is that is accurate
Answer: Hello, Dear nothing can predict baby's gender without ultrasound. Only ultrasound can tell you about it. All the prediction are just myth and not true at all.. I know being mother's we can't help but be curious about baby's gender but honestly it's better to wait till delivery and get a beautiful surprise ..
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Question: Is Chinese calendar gender prediction is accurate?
Answer: Hi! No unfortunately not. There is no relation with your age and LMP to gender of the baby. It's a God gift so wait for your bundle of joy. Good luck!
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Question: Is Chinese gender prediction calendar gives accurate gender prediction?
Answer: Hi dear Why you predict gender...its just for our satisfaction like a game for our anxiety...either boy or girl thats a precious gift from god...leave it to nature and look for a healthy baby though its boy or girl
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