3 months old baby

Question: Hi, found thread like thing while passing motion, can thread enter inside??

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Answer: My baby used yo have thread like poo.. its common i thk
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Question: Painful while passing motion
Answer: Hi,you should apply Vaseline at the anus of the baby.also hive your baby bicycle movements. You should include this in your diet.habe fibeous food like green veggies and carrots.have papaya and banana,oats have gauva.have adequate water It will helps
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Question: Can a thread like brown blood clot while peeing is because of urine infection during pregnancy
Answer: Hello dear. Brown clot could be old blood from the implantation time which is coming oit now but please report this to your gynae so it can be confirmed. Hope it helps.
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Question: Hi i can see while peeing sometimes white thick clot like thing ...is it safe
Answer: Hi dear it's quite normal during pregnancy. White discharge.... U need not worry about it. Pay attention if the colour and odour change .... tc
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