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Question: Hi experts. I have 20-days old baby girl (C-section). Milk came in after 1st week. Till then faced breast engorgement due to which even after trying, baby could not latch. & Baby got used to formula milk taste. Using manual breast pump. Now baby latching issue is solved but she purposefully refuses to latch due to taste of breast milk. When pumped milk is given in bottle, She even takes a moment to understand the difference in taste & is gradually refusing to suck the quantity of pumped milk (earlier in week 2 she drank pumped breast milk). Paed Dr suggested to apply glycerine on nipple but I think it's dangerous if ingested by baby (as my dad is Dr, he advised not to go with glycerine option). Kindly suggest ways to get baby to latch again to solve taste issue. Since it's week 3, and baby is getting stronger in taste senses to reject breast milk. Also I don't feel too engorged now. I can pump once or twice a day max. As manual pumping is making the breasts painful & large circular skin around areola has darkened. Having difficulty with Hand expression too. I'm having iron calcium, protein powder, & shatari.

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Answer: You have a lot to say. I can see your love for breastfeeding. to reduce and growth mint you should massage your breast in between feeding. Or take a warm compress with the hanky dipped in hot water. I understand you baby got used to to formula Milk but any transition takes time so you should keep offering your breast milk and not lose yourself your baby will definitely take this assure you sometimes it is just a phase. Takes time. also breastfeeding is painful in the beginning you can also apply nip cream it will help you.
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    Thanks a lot for your motivating information.. will surely keep trying. I was losing patience..

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