38 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi dr. yestrday i went to hsptal in emergency as there were no mvmnts..but evrything was nrmal aftr ctg done!dr. told cervix is open just 1 or 2 cm..so i cam back home..today in the morning..I got a blood clot and yellowish thick dischrge..aftr sometym i got sme brown spotting..i dont know is this tym to rush to the hospital pls tell me...i am having strong cramps but not continuous..so what to do

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Answer: Yes...your labour started..
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Question: Hello, I completed my 7 weeks of pregnancy... in my 7th week I had blood stains for 2 days I went to my dr. She gave me dufastone medicine after having medicine my blood stains were not controlled I got 2 3 stains so I again went to another dr. She gave me injection of transamine and recommend me scan but i'm so confused bcz my blood stains has stopped after 2 days i'm fine now whether should I got for ultrasound or not??? Will u plz suggest me????
Answer: Hello, Dear you should get your ultrasound done just to clear that what is the cause of bleeding and why it didn't stop with first medicine. While pregnant you should not take any kind of risks. It's important to do as doctor advise because it is for you and your baby's betterment.. so please go and get you ultrasound done. TC.
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Question: Mam, we were under treatment Dr said follicle not quality and sperm not good, so they told togo to test tube baby, they are given tablets for test tube baby but suddenly I got symptoms so I checked pregnant test it's positive, and went to Dr she also told I am pregnant but I am confusing I can't happy full, we tested using pregnancy kit, is there any test to confirm my pregnancy
Answer: Dear congratulations. Miracles do happen. And if you have tested positive you are pregnant. You can get your beta hcg test done to see the growth of your pregnancy. Also in around 9th or 10th week get your first scan done so that the fetal pole and yolk sac can be seen and confirmed that your baby is growing good. Hope it helps.
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Question: My baby had episodes of watery green poop for 3 days. Dr recommend to give syp metronidazole and zn. I hv given this medicine for 3 days and her poop gets normal. Next day again she started with green poop. Again i started with syp metronidazole aftr 4 days of course she had yellowish poop normal as like before. But again she poops like greenish and not thick. What should I do?
Answer: Hi dear You don't have to panic if her stool is green you need to worry if the stool is black,white and red it will resolve on its own but will take some time
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