5 months old baby

Question: Hi dr my son is 5 month and 3days old from His birth onwards he only feed on right side breast, he only feeding one side all the time, he not feeding at Left side, I try all the method but there is No result he is not feeding, he is pre mature baby, iam scared because of one side breast feeding it cause any problem to me pls say some suggestion

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Answer: Hello dear. A simple thing tgat worked for me was no giving the feed until the baby takes it from left side. Your baby may say no 3 to 4 times but ultimately he would take it due to hunger and going forward always offer the left one first and then right one. My gynae told me this and it worked. You just have to be hard enough to not give in and offer the right. Hope it helps.
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Question: My baby is pre mature baby of 28days.iam not having breast milk,so iam giving lactogen ,my baby vl not burp after feeding. he vl do vomiting, and he vl not increase his weight how to increase his weight
Answer: Try to make him burp multiple times. Not only after feeding entirely. Once consult Ur doctor if u have just recently introduced lactogen.
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Question: Hi dr iam breast feeding mom, can i eat ice cream once in a month, my son is pre mature baby
Answer: Hi dear, you can eat icecream when you are breast feeding. Nothing to worry about.
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Question: Hi mam my son is 4month old by birth on wards he feed milk in right side only left side he not sucking is there any problem ,i tryed all method to feed left side but he wont ,pls say some suggestion my son is pre mature baby
Answer: Night time try cheyandi.... Sleep mood lo untaru kada
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