27 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi dr,im feeling vibration on my right side of chest what that means im worried plz ans me..

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Question: Hello gud mrng,since 1week my suffering from vibration feeling at right side chest what it may b,was it 2 b worried plz ans...
Answer: hi dear! dont panic dear there is nothing. every pregnancy is different some may experience vomitting in the 1st trimester and not later on in the pregnancy but some may experience it in later part of the pregnancy its all fine. so for you its normal to feel the way you are feeling there is no problem. and still if you are worried you can visit your doctor and the doctor will hear your chest to see if everything is normal. take care.
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Question: Hi dr,since 2weeks im feeling vibration feeling at below right chest what may b the reason,can u plz ans soon im worried...
Answer: Hi I'm not a doctor But you are feeling vibration as the baby might be moving round or we can call as rolling in side the stomach. Don't worry your baby is active. These all come under baby movements. Not to worry
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Question: m 5 week pregnnt and today i feel the vibration on my stomach...what was that vibration....pls ans me
Answer: Hi dear, Usually baby movements are not felt this early.this could be your pulses or some indigestion .baby movements can be felt from 13 weeks if this is your first pregnancy,else 25 weeks.
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