28 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi dr,im at 7th month my edd was given on may 30th is there any chances to get delivery before 15days edd...

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Question: Is there any chances to get delivery pain before 58 days from delivery date?
Answer: Hi dear yes there is a possibility. But that is not normal. If u feel somethg like dis then consult doctor as it will led to have a premature baby.
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Question: Hi dr,most of d pregnant women has been given there edd at 9th month but for my self my edd was given at 10th month 10days y it was delayed is it any concern plz ans...
Answer: Hi! 10 months 10 days is the full term which is given as the expected due date or EDD, and as and when your pregnancy advances and baby gets matured the date might get changed so please don't worry your delivery will be based on the babies maturity your pregnancy health and lot of other things.. Hope this helps!
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Question: my EDD is on march 15th.. is there any chances to deliver before the given EDD?
Answer: Yes, many women delivers baby before EDD. EDD is approximate date. If u dnt get pain till EDD, in tht case u hv to contact dr immediately.
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