22 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi dr. I have done my anomaly scan today and has been told that my baby has a tiny white spot in his heart. And also said that nothing to worry about it. Plz tell me if there is something serious

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Answer: No don't worry still your in 22week pregnancy....by increasing your days the white spot will goes on it won't show in your next scan...no need to worry
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Question: Today my NT scan has done...report says that there is subchorionic bleed ...is this something serious?
Answer: Small subchorionic clot will usually resorbs on its own and not have any negative effect on the pregnancy. Sometimes times it can cause some vaginal bleeding/spotting but It will subside Take rest Keep taking progesterone and other medicines if at all you feel abdominal cramps then you must visit your gynaecologist Repeat the scan to see wether or not it has decreased in size.
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Question: In my 5 month scan it Dr. told that there is a white spot in baby heart go for 3d ultrasound was does that spot mean otherwise everything is normal and baby growth is also normal
Answer: Its basically a small deposit of calcium in the babies heart that is usually reabsorbed by the third trimester. It is called as echogenic focus in a fetus's heart is very common Please correlate your findings with NT scan double marker screen test If its the isolated findings usually its nothing to be worried about Repeat the scan to see the status
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Question: Today done anomaly scan, according to scan the white spot found in baby heart, Please reply what to do I am very worried.
Answer: Hi! Fetal Echocardiogenic Foci or white spot or some deposition are common findings and are commonly seen inside heart chambers during routine fetal heart scanning, the left ventricle is most frequent location, Although they probably represent a normal variant of papilary muscle development, they should be monitered as a possible risk of congenital heart defect. Hope this helps!
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