5 months old baby

Question: Hi, does my 5 months baby gets effected with cold and cough if i eat custard apple(sitha phal) as my baby takes breast feed.

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Answer: Yes dear..my mom always used to say that custard apple, the green banana and oranges must be avoided while breastfeeding as it affects the health of your baby....so please avoid eating it..
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Question: If mother's have cough and Cold Is baby effected through breast feed....???
Answer: Having cold during breastfeeding is a challenge.as you have potential to transmit the virus to your baby,not through brestmilk but otherwise.like touching etc.no.matter what,you continue to feed.the one benefit is the antibodies developed during the illness would be passed on the baby through your milk,which,, would develop immunity automatically.jur maintain usual hygiene like covering your mouth and nose while sneezing.use sanitizer or wash hands thoroughly before touching baby.
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Question: is it safe to have custard apple as my baby takes feed
Answer: no. don't eat. it caused me severe cough, cold. next day bcoz of cold I got fever n khasi which passes to my baby also. so I suggest not to eat custard apple as u r feeding ur baby
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Question: Can I eat custard apple ...?? Is it safe for my baby ? I heard by many dat custard apple can cause cold and cough to baby ?
Answer: Hello dear, yes you can eat custard apple eating seasonal fruit wont have any issue. Just try to avoid during evening time. Take care!
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