1 months old baby

Question: Hi doctor, what to do for birth control after 1st baby

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Answer: Hello dear, several preventive measure are available but I will suggest you go for condoms male /female. Condom uses externally n doesn't hamper your health. You can also use copper T as a birth control measure. As you r a lactating mother I will suggest you to consult your gynac if you wants to take birthpill. Your gynac knows you personally & will help you to guide well in this matter.
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Question: What to do for growing hair of baby after birth
Answer: Hi dear, Rigjt noe there is no need to worry about the hair growth.as lot of changes taking place in baby body alreafy.with the overall growth ,baby hair will also grow.to stimulate growth you can daily massage baby scalp with warm coconut oil in a circular motion.it helps to increase blood circulation in scalp thereby improving hair growth.
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Question: After having a baby what to do for birth control ?
Answer: The Copper T is effective in preventing pregnancy immediately after insertion and if pregnancy is desired, fertility returns after the Copper T is removed. The Copper T is designed to last for 10 years, although a woman may have it removed prior to that if pregnancy is desired.
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Question: What is the best birth control after giving birth..for next one year...
Answer: You can use condoms Contraceptive pill Cervical cap Injection for 3 months IUD for 10 years Contraceptive patches works about for 3 weeks
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