10 months old baby

Question: Hi doctor my daughter is 10 months old and is not taking any kind of food only brest feeds what will i do

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Answer: Hi! Yes thr are babies who are not at all interested in solid and only interested in breastfeeding it is good there is nothing to be worried about if the baby is not at all taking solids but I would suggest you to keep offering the solid food to your baby on a daily basis include the baby in family meals whenever you all are said to have meal please include the baby make him sit also encourage the baby to self eat that's how interest can grow and also you can introduce new things to the babies platter on a daily basis so that baby can taste them and be interested towards food but don't worry this is not going to be for a long time slowly and gradually baby will be weaned. Hope this helps!
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Question: My baby not taking any kind of food .What can i do
Answer: Dear baby do get fussy for eating so firstly dont force fed your baby because this make baby get more fussy just on the name of food. Secondly buit a routine for baby and strictly meals should be given on table only . This will help baby get a habit of sitting properly and eating. Third keep baby busy with rhymes or talk or toys and then feed him. Feed in different color plates and bowl that will attract baby and make him eat. Also let baby eat on its own , it can be messy but babies love to eat by themselves..
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Question: My sister daughter is about 10 months old..she wont eat any kind of food..still she is dependent on breastmilk.how can we do her eat food
Answer: Hi! Making babies eat is a task for all us, and we keep inventing new ways and means to feed them, however in maximum cases the effect is adverse, here are some tips i am sharing which i have followed; 1)Please do not force or distract feed your child, it has a very bad effect in the appetite in long term. 2)Respect the child hunger, he is having the qty he actually wants, hence no force feeding will work. 3)Try and encourage self feeding, keep the well mashed food in front of him on a plate, you will see he is trying to put it inside the mouth. 4)Try to feed him while he is playing with thd food you have offered. 5) Include the child in family meal time. Thats how the interest will increase. Good luck!
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Question: My baby is 3 + and he is not eating any kind of food except milk ....what will I do???
Answer: Diet plays a major role.Entertain baby one way or other and feed like stories, playing with toys etc and feed. Feed baby all the food that your family eats like roti curry rice salad etc. You can give baby an egg every day so that protein helps baby to be active. Give baby full cream milk twice a day to fulfil the calcium demands of growing kid. Curd,vegetabkes,fruits and green leafy vegetables are required for kids healthy growth. Deworm baby according to doctors advice as it helps a lot in healthy weight gain. As long as baby is active nothing to worry.Please go through Healofy home page for tips, diet, recipes and many more that will be very helpful. Take care
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