Few weeks old baby

Question: Hi doctor my baby nw 25days old he getting foot in blue colour at the time of weather cold and he cry more that time it getting

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Answer: Dear don't worry babies do cry a lot you should keep the baby warm because the weather is changing make sure your baby is wearing socks most of the time take care
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Question: My baby catches cold at a time during nights and crys very badly. Normally he don't cry like that! But when he catches cold, he never sleep during nights and cry very loud. Why does he cry like that?
Answer: Due to cold, baby tends to be uneasy n tired and with adversity of cold he may not be able to breathe properly. This may lead to cry. Check with Doctor
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Question: What s the reason baby can't breathe nd cry at delivery time, my baby can't breathe nd cry at delivery time , only heart beats... Now he no more
Answer: Hi dear .. it is sad to know that. Few reasons of baby death after delivery are:- # premature delivered babies face more health problem than babies born on time #baby with serious heart defect may not survive long #defect in baby's lungs it also cause due to less aminiotic fluid in pregnancy # umbilical cord accident etc Don't think too much dear and plz take care of yourself.
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Question: Hi doctor, m not able to feeding my baby becoz there is no shape of mg nipples and also he cry at the time of feeding
Answer: Hi dear, if your nipple shape is not proper then you can use nipple Shield to feed your baby. Hold this artificial nipple on your nipple and put tip in your baby's mouth to suck. You can also use manual pump to pump the milk and feed in bottle. Feed baby continuously for few days gradually your nipple will take proper shape. Hope it helps.
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