1 months old baby

Question: Hi doctor my baby has hernia at left side doctor advised for surgery. Is surgery is only the option... I am very afraid is surgery is safe for 42 days old baby is there any after effects.. please advise

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Question: Hi... Is inguinal hernia surgery has any side effects for 2 months child
Answer: Hi don't worry it doesnt affect baby and won't affect baby health. After surgery you need to take precautions as per doctor suggestion and maintain the feeding timings properly and proper medication on time it will help take care
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Question: Is there any side effects of epidural delivery?? Please advise
Answer: Medication is delivered through a catheter – a very thin, flexible, hollow tube – that's inserted into the epidural space just outside the membrane that surrounds your spinal cord and spinal fluid. An epidural is the most commonly used method of pain relief for labor.. Low blood pressure. It's normal for blood pressure to fall a little when you have an epidural. ... Loss of bladder control. ... Itchy skin. ... Feeling sick. ... Inadequate pain relief. ... Headache. ... Slow breathing. ... but dont worry after few weeks you might get change from side effects..
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Question: My baby boy has harnia in his right ball and left ball is not at place.... he got infected few days ago doctor is saying surgery is the only option.... he is only 6 month.... any other option
Answer: Hello.. No, dear your doctor is absolutely right. Surgery is the only option in this scenario..I understand it is a difficult situation for you.. But, you need to stand strong for your child..
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