9 months old baby

Question: Hi doctor.. my baby 10months old. Right now she was only 8.5 kg. Birth weight is 3.7 kg. Please tell me doctor what I want to feed .. it's under weight doctor

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Answer: Hello dear, in new borns birth wt doubles by six months. After that , growth slows down . From 7 to 12 months baby gain maximum 500-600grms per month. So, your babies weight absolutely normal. Dont worry dear. You can give your all the healthy home made foods. Baby should feed for 4 times solid food and 4 times milk a day in this period. You can add proteins like lentil, legums, beans, egg, chicken, fish etc and in fat you can give your baby ghee, butter , cheese, etc. this will help you.
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Question: My baby birth weight was 3.7 kg and now her weight is 5kg is this ok
Answer: Hi dear as per age your baby's weight is normal but as your baby's birth weight is more than normal then your baby's present weight should change in between 5 to 6 kgs. Feed your baby properly to gain proper weight. Hope it helps.
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Question: my baby is 42 days old.. she is 3.7 kg now.. birth weight is 3.2 kg.. what to do
Answer: hi ma'am don't worry usually newborn babies will lose weight after birth because the water level in the body will come out only after 40 days they will gain weight feeding baby frequently as the breast milk helps baby to gain more weight and also it will develop the immune system of the child so please feed your baby frequently
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Question: My daughter 3 month old......she takes 3.5oz per feed ..only 7 feed in 24 hrs....her birth weight 3 kg ....now she is 5kg it is normal or not......i want boost her weight...i to do...help me
Answer: Hello! The weight gain of your baby is fine. There is nothing to worry. As for gaining more weight, please don't worry. Infact too much of weight can be problem and be reason for obesity. As long as your baby is active and achieving milestone, don't worry muxh. Take care
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