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Question: Hi doctor, im trying to conceive since 3 yrs but unable to. It has been 5 yrs of my marriage. All tests done with normal reports. Im planning to for ivf. Please just a Good hospital in Delhi.

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Answer: Hi...already u having normal reports it may be some unknown infertility problem..before u going to ivf try with iui chance of pregnancy is little higher than normal conception...
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Question: I doctor good morning we are planning for baby since last 7 months but unable to conceive please help me
Answer: Hi! Deciding to try for a baby is exciting. To have a healthy baby there are few things which needs to be worked upon, Firstly your health- Its not only the woman health but the mans health too is important for a healthy baby , you need to ensure it by sticking to a good diet, maintaining a healthy diet. There are few food which boosts fertility like milk, cheese, yogurt, fatty fish, whole grains, eggs and loads of water and cut down on coffee, alcohol, processes food. Secondly Intercourse- It plays major role in planning a baby, you need to get intimate on the most fertile days of yours which is at your ovulation time, which is generally 11-16 days after your first day of your last period. Keep yourself happy-healthy and without stress , enjoy a healthy conjugal life to welcome a healthy baby. Hope this helps!
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Question: I am trying to conceive since 2 years ...and I got test n all done n reports are all normal ... m still unable to ... plss help me ...
Answer: hi dear , i would really suggest you see a doctor and take professional help. SOmetimes there are clear reasons which need to be fixed to help you get pregnant .. this could be with either of the partners .. a good gyneac or a infertility specialist could do some basix tests and scans and guide you on the way forward.. all the best dear .
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Question: Hello!! I have been married for 6yrs now..trying and planning since 2yrs..done tests too and they are normal..we seriously want a baby..please help doctor
Answer: How can I help you? Please share your details... Like your age weight, health status etc in brief...
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