5 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi doctor im not sure pregnant??bt mouty

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Answer: Hello Dr my periods date 1/1/2019 I'm pregnant Meri urine se blood atha he Keya problem he please reply me
Answer: Answer me Dr please reply
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Question: Hi I'm ten weeks pregnant Im having frequent pain close to vagina not sure why could anyone please advice
Answer: Hi.. For most women, the first trimester is too early in pregnancy for weight gain to cause vaginal pressure. Instead, the hormone relaxin is often responsible. ... For some women, relaxin can cause muscle pain or tension, including in or around the vagina... Don't worry, if you are too troubled ask your gynaecologist to recommend a mild medicine.
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Question: Hi ..,...im not getting my periods this month.....im not sure... im pregnant bcoz pregnancy card shows only one line....is any pblm.....i want to know im pregnant or not....wat should i do now...?
Answer: Hi dear, After how many days did you check? And best way is to check through the blood(give ur blood samples). If still it's negative, please take a doctor's advice. Hope it helps.
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Question: Hi mam i'm 6 week 6 days pregnent so im testing home pregnency kid sure or not sure mam
Answer: Dear you need to get 2 lines even if one line is lighter that would mean you are pregnant. Do the test in the morning with first urine. And if your are 6 weeks 6 days you should go for beta hcg test now to see the growth of your pregnancy and consult doctor accordingly. Hope it helps.
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