8 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi doctor iam 8th week pregnancy i have one problem my right and left leg cramped...iam not comfortable with that..is it safe for me plzz tell me the answer

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Answer: Dear pain in legs are normal during early pregnancy also because there are alot of physically and hormonal changes in the body which makes it exert and a little bit more physical exertion can cause legs or body pain.. so dont worry just get some leg massage and do some hot cold compress on your legs. Eat banana that really give a quick relief....Always keep a pillow under your legs while sitting, that will give you alot of relief..
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Question: Hi iam 8th week pregnancy..i have one problem my left dide under stomach is pain what it happened is it safe plzz tell me
Answer: Dear a mild pain and cramps are completely normal during pregnancy. Just take rest and it will be fine. It happens because of stretching of the uterus so dont worry. But if pain is severe or constant then consult with your doctor..
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Question: Sleeping in right makes me comfortable than left.. For 1st pregnancy left was comfortable. But now right side, is that good or it will harm the baby
Answer: no ...it's normal... well I saw at you tube dt when u r comfortable to sleep left side dn ur expecting a baby boy..nd when u r comfortable to sleep right side...it means it could be a sweet angel... bt it's only a ' mithyaa' just njoy ur pregnancy period....
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Question: Hi, today is the 4th day of my missed period,i had done home pregnancy test that is positive with one mild line in that two lines,today i consult gynaecologist the Doctor said that the baby is not the strong one,we'll wait for one week,is it normal or any problem with the baby?answer me
Answer: No there is no problm AP those late Jana doc k pass 8 week kbadd
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