6 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi doctor,i got scanning done by 20th feb, that time i was 5 week pregnant, but baby was looking in dot in size now march 3rd am going fr 2nd scanning , am worried of baby growth, weather i found baby or not in scanning

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Answer: Hi Till 8 weeks baby will be in dot size only... In 1st trimester its just a blood cloth... From 2nd trimester only it ll take the whole form of human and it develops organs.. Dont worry
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Question: My last period was feb 1 i did scanning on march 19 it shows that 6 weeks & 4 days is that baby growth? Or my menstrual cycle ?
Answer: Hi! dear if your last month period was on February 1st and the ultrasound showed you on March 19th that your pregnancy is 6 weeks 4 days it is absolutely fine see the weeks are usually calculated based on your LMP here is an easy calculation which will help you to calculate your own weeks; the total tenure of pregnancy is considered to be 280 days. You can add this to your LMP to get the due date. Each month has 4.3 weeks so adding it will give you your exact week . For example; If your LMP is 7th July and today is Aug 15, how will you calculate your week? 7 July to 7 Aug=1 months i.e 4.3 weeks 8 July to 15 Aug=1.1 week. Adding both will give you your exact week; 4.3+1.1=5.4, that means your 6 week is running. Now you can calculate it yourself :). Hope this helps!
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Question: My lmp was on 3rd March. First scanning was on 20th april where sac size was 9mm, yolk sac is present. Today I went for scanning again .... No heartbeats till now... Gestational sac size os 15 mm.. yolk sac is present... Doctor asked to come next week.. I am really worried 😐
Answer: Hi Dont worry ok..wait till next ultrasound scan ok..actually in some womens the heartrate of the baby we will hear at 7 week of pregnancy and for some women ar 8 weeks of pregnancy...but it will be clear at 12 th week of pregnancy ok..these all are depends upon the the baby position in your uterus and the your due date..dont worry in next sacan you will be hear your babies heart beat
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Question: I got a missed abortion when i was in 10 week of preganacy.i has consult the dr. March 7th and said i am ok.But in march 10 i found bleeding and went hospital.After ultrasound done result that was growth of baby only 5.4 weeks and no heartbeat.dr. siad its quite normal no anyother reasons. How this happend.1
Answer: Yes dear,all are fine.you may be able to hear your baby's heartbeat in your first scan in 6 weeks. If u miss it you'll probably hear in your next appointment. Dont worry, dont stress more. Be happy.
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