36 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi doctor has given me betnesol injection can u please suggest why its given

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Answer: Dear betnesol injection is prescribed when a pregnant women has any pain , or complications.
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Question: doctor has given me betnesol injection 3 ampules ....what is its role
Answer: Hi, betnesol injection is given for the development of lungs in unborns. Lungs are the ast organs to develop in unborns i. e during 35 to 37 weeks hence betnosol helps in development of lungs beforehand and even if the baby is born prematurely it reduces the chances of keeping the baby in NICU as he is able to breath and progress on his own. Hope it helps.
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Question: Why is Betnesol injection given during pregnancy?
Answer: Hello dear Betnesol injection is given in pregnancy if u are going to deliver a preterm baby to mature baby lungs. It is given 24 hrs prior to delivery. It is safe and given under doctor's guidance.
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Question: Why my gynecologist has given me betnesol 12 mg injection?
Answer: For maturity of baby lungs. It is common for every pregnant women
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