10 months old baby

Question: Hi doctor, I m feeding mom .. due to come office work i was way from my baby so after one month of gab I can feed breastfeeding to my baby..is that ok for baby..it will not affect to their body .. please suggest...i need good feedback from you all

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Answer: Hello dear, as per the app your baby is already 10 months old that's why if you will again start breastfeeding baby not accepted. If baby is taking breastfeeding even then of course you can give along with the semi solid diet which you already started I guess. Hope it helps ☺️.
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Question: Hi, My baby is 5 mnths completed now.... I need to rejoin the office soon..so could you please suggest what kind of food can I give to my baby at this age. I will leave to office at 7 am and come back at 6.30 evening..so how can my mom feed her at this long gyap.?
Answer: Hi dear, Your baby is 5 months old so you can use breast pump and express your milk and ask your mom to feed. Because your needs your breast milk and it contains antibodies that fight against infections. Then ask your pediatrician to prescribe formula milk for baby. You can feed this too. After 6 months you can introduce semi solids for your baby like fruits puree, vegetables puree, ragi porridge, cooked rice water, dal water. If your baby has good control on his head and sitting with support means you can introduce liquid foods also like dal water, cooked rice water. First Introduce with 1 or 2 spoons if baby can digest it. Yes means you can feed. Hope this will help you.
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Question: Is their any other way of breastfeeding...my baby continious wants milk...i feed by sitting position...my back pains a lot..severe backache is their...is their any other way of breast feeding apart from sitting and sleeping
Answer: Dear you may also use breast pump and give milk to baby in bottle and take help of your partner
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Question: I wanna to stop breastfeeding due to attending my office. Please suggest Wt should i do to stop feeding my little 5 months baby.
Answer: Consult ur child doctor he will suggest u best formula milk and after u will give to ur baby
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