7 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi doctor ..6 wk 1 dy pregnant . Today ib went for scan and the report is .. The uterus is anteverted and has a gestational sac within the fundus. A single fetus seen, with a Crown rump length of 0.25 CM. Corresponding of 5 weeks 5 days of pregnancy fetal heart pulsation and yolk sac are seen. the dicidual reaction is good. The internal OS closed . The cervical length is 3.64 CM it is normal . Ovaries are normal sized.

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Question: Hi doctor ! I'm 30 weeks and 5 days pregnant Please suggest me Is this ok for normal delivery when there is two loops of cord noted around the fetal neck ?
Answer: no dear to round off called is not a issue till when your baby is inside your womb but at the time of delivery it can lead to complications
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Question: Hello moms & moms to be.... I am 21 week pregnant. Into 6th month of pregnancy. But i am yet to look like pregnant. I mean my baby bump is not yet visible. I am already overweight and haven't gained any weight in these 5 months. Though doctors say that everything is normal, reports are normal. baby is fine my health I alright. Mine has been a very active pregnancy since first month. No complications or any issues. But i still want to look like pregnant and feel my baby. Still Waiting to feel my baby movements. Not worried as doctor said everything is ok but curious to feel the things. ☺ Anybody in same situation here??
Answer: Congrats on your pregnancy some people won't show up till 7th month and u can feel your baby moments very clearly on your 25th week
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