7 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi doctor ..6 wk 1 dy pregnant . Today ib went for scan and the report is .. The uterus is anteverted and has a gestational sac within the fundus. A single fetus seen, with a Crown rump length of 0.25 CM. Corresponding of 5 weeks 5 days of pregnancy fetal heart pulsation and yolk sac are seen. the dicidual reaction is good. The internal OS closed . The cervical length is 3.64 CM it is normal . Ovaries are normal sized.

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Question: Hi...I went to hospital for confirming my pregnancy on 48th day after the kit gave positive results..There they did blood ,urine tests and also a scan..The scan result was gestational sac 6week 3 days , Yolk sac seen ..ovaries normal..Doctor asked me to come after 2 weeks...Is this normal ? why didn't a foetus seen ??? though my frnd said she could see her baby in 45th day itself?...
Answer: Ovulation time change for everyone. Don't worry. It's normal.
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Question: Hello. The gestational age of my baby by LMP is 7 weeks 4 days but by Ultra sound it is 7 weeks. The fetal heart rate is 135bpm and the crown rump length is .77cms. should I be worried about the 4 day difference in the gestational age?
Answer: No it is ok ...in my case there is a difference of 3 days ...dr. Sid that it is completely normal...
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