19 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi docter. Now 5 month running on me.am sleeping in side position only,but minimum 30 mins i con't sleep in one position. Position will changing like this continuous it will effect the baby ya madam.pls suggest me.

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Answer: Hello dear... Don't sleep on ur back its not right for ur baby... Turn slowly and u can change ur position left or right ... Get up and sleep on other position ... And don't worry about that ur baby will small in 5 months ..
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Question: Hi docter. Now 5 month starting . we need to sleep side position or straight position we sleep means it will effect baby ya..pls suggest me
Answer: Hello dear, The best sleep position is to sleep on your left side. Sleeping on your left side will increase the amount of blood and nutrients that reach the placenta and your baby. Keep your legs and knees bent, and put a pillow between your legs. These suggestions may not sound completely comfortable, especially if you are used to sleeping on your back or stomach, but try them out. Keep in mind that you may not stay in one position all night, and rotating positions is fine.
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Question: This is complsary sleeping from left side ...can i sleep in any position like straight and both side
Answer: It's advisable not to sleep straight after 20 weeks of pregnancy.you can sleep both side.
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Question: hi mine 16weeks started from today ....does sleeping position effects the baby...becoz I can't sleep in one position I'll keep in changing.... does sudden jerks will effect the baby
Answer: Sudden jerks is harmful.... U can change postion but always try to sleep on ur left side.. Nd avoid sleeping on back coz it is directly affect to blood flow..
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Question: 3and half month baby is fed only on one side for 30 mins in one breast instead of 10mins each on each breast. Is this fine?
Answer: Hello dear. No it is not fine and will affect the size of ur breast. It will reduce the size of the one from which you are feeding the baby. Please breastfeed the baby equally from bith sides. It should be 15 min from each side. Hope it helps.
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