13 months old baby

Question: Hi..doc.I am a mom of 13 months old baby.l had a previous pre term delivery due to severe pre eclampsia followed by an acute kidney injury.and i gave birth to a male baby .he expired on pod 23.after that it is found that I am APLA positive .on haemetology consultation second time pregnancy adminitered with heparin injection daily.the two delivery were caesarean.now my utp is positive.i take abortion pills .my doc said abortion is complete after the uss. But now i am having bleeding after our sexual contact.is it serious.

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Question: I had a check up today. and the BP was shown high it is 150/90. doc gave me medicine. what are the chances delivery. does this bp indicate c section ? doc told me to come on Monday to monitor bp. also had PV today. but after that I am had a little blood discharge and followed by slight back pain. what does that indicate ?
Answer: Blood discharge indicating start of Labour soon. Do discuss with your doctor. And high bp can be cause of c section. Totally depends on your levels at that time.
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