25 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi dear i ate tamarind last 3,4 days frm thn im sfrng frm svr stmch ache gases and loose motions there was some fungus on it which i removed and ate the rest..? I met the dr and took the inj pantop will it effect my baby anyway im really afraid 😨

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Answer: Hi dear, Too much vitamin c often irritates stomach lining.i think due to which you night have had loosemotions.pantop is safe otherwise drink plenty of water.
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Question: Hi dear..I want to share my problem..during my college time I faced nervous breakdown..from that time Im getting too much panic of marriage and pregnancy.Doctor told me I got panic attack.I met my husband one year ago and shared him about my problem..He accept that and we got married..Im now married and manage my family very well..but the afraid of getting pregnancy kills me every second..Im feeling too much anxiety that I cant control or overcome..plz help me out..I want to be a mom..plz help me dear obes..plz
Answer: Hi dear. Before marriage you got panic to marriage also but as you told you are now living happy married life. As like same pregnancy is not harmfull. Pregnancy is the most beautiful period of every woman's life. And your husband is also very supportive. So you should not worry about being pregnant. Don't be anxious. Just enjoy the moment of life. :)
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Question: I usually have very irregular cycles... my last period was on 30th July, 2018... I took letroz tablets for 5 days... on 29th August, 2018 early morning I had very severe cramps ( I usually have painful periods, but the pain that I had was too very bad, but no periods... at times small aches on left side of abdomen, but I thought it was due to delay in periods... I had constant constipation, vomiting sensations, tiredness, fatigue which I thought to be due to indigestion problems.... but something clicked to my mind and so I took HPT last Sunday... it was positive... we soon went to Gynec... she did TVS and said it is an intrauterine pregnancy & 2 gestational sacs are there... dizygotic twins... fetal pole & yolk sac are visible in both... but LMP and fetal age doesn't match... it is actually 7 wks, but the growth is of about 5 wks... she said no clear heart beat could be seen... I am too very much worried... she asked to take good rest & placed me on daily single dose of progesterone tablet and weekly progesterone (GESTONE) injection... Till now (even after TVS), I don't have any bleeding issues... My blood results shows there is a slight increase in blood glucose levels, which doctor said is normal and if needed later I shall be put on low dose insulin as pregnancy progresses.... I am afraid why there is no heartbeat for my embryos.... taking folic acid tablets daily...Took only letroz tablets.... no iui or ivf yet... naturally conceived twin babies.... pls help me.... I am really very much worried
Answer: Dear when you say fetal pole was seen it mean the heartbeat was present. Fetal pole is the heartbeat of the baby. I would suggest please do not be worried. Everything is absolutely normal. You will be able to hear the heartbeat in the next scans very clearly. Eat healthy and stay hydrated. Hope it helps,.
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Question: Hello mam, my baby is 3yrs 6mnths ....arnd 10feb se usse cold and cough hua due to weather change and was getting fever in between temp 100 ..highest 101.8...on 16feb i took pedi doc he gave medicine s.mucolite ..,sinarest af and augmentin....6-7days ka dose .....medicine se usko bhaut improve hua then on 21feb he ate two slice of cheese and then 1 paratha ...after 2hrs of eating that he vomited and removed pura cheese then on 23fed he drank coconut water and later afternoon he ate aloo bhajia...then on sunday night he drank lemon juice before goin to bed and wen woke up in the morning he vomited and was complaning pain in throat aftr vomiting he was fine then yeaterday i gave him puri in tiffin which he must have eateb arnd 3pm and vomited after comin from school 6pm and in between he keeps complaining stomach pain i give him grive water uske baad he is fine.....yeh sab honeke thoda din phele also once he drank pineapple juice before goin to bed toh raat ko soya nahi thek se he was complaining ke stomach pain phir leg pain hai phir hand pain hai shayad voh vahi pain hosakta hai.....plz advice im worried. Im sorry for writing such a big parah.
Answer: I think u must see paed first and dont wait for any home remedies...if bub is coplaining bout stomach pain n is puking tgen there might be some infection....go n get him checked thoroughly.
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