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Question: Hi dear..I want to share my problem..during my college time I faced nervous breakdown..from that time Im getting too much panic of marriage and pregnancy.Doctor told me I got panic attack.I met my husband one year ago and shared him about my problem..He accept that and we got married..Im now married and manage my family very well..but the afraid of getting pregnancy kills me every second..Im feeling too much anxiety that I cant control or overcome..plz help me out..I want to be a mom..plz help me dear obes..plz

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Answer: Hi dear. Before marriage you got panic to marriage also but as you told you are now living happy married life. As like same pregnancy is not harmfull. Pregnancy is the most beautiful period of every woman's life. And your husband is also very supportive. So you should not worry about being pregnant. Don't be anxious. Just enjoy the moment of life. :)
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Question: Hello Doctor mam...Im 29 years old..I have anxiety husband knew this before my marriage..But the problem is that whwn Im thinking about pregnancy Im feeling too much nervous and my anxiety growing suddenly..I want to be a mom and I want to overcome this..can I be a mom? Plz help me
Answer: Dear you can completely overcome this problem. See we all feel scared on thought of pregnancy but when we get pregnant things start to feel fine. Firstly you get sure that you want to be pregnant and once you will be sure you will not be scared. Just relax stay calm and think about a life with a baby with small hands and foot. The love you will get from your baby is that no one can give you no matter what relation it is. So have faith in you and plan a pregnancy. I know you will be a best mom a baby can have.. Love and hugs..
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Question: I have anxiety disorder and when I think about pregnancy I feel too much anxiety and the fear comes to me that I cant carry a baby? Can I overcome this? I want to be a mother..plz help me .
Answer: Hi dear, My heart goes out to would be mother,donot worry.first off all your anxiety needs to be managed.find out the trigger factors of your anxiety.write it down in a piece of paper.try to analyse them one by one.try yoga, meditation to control your mind.take help of your psychriatist.i am glad that you identified your anxiety prior to Pregnancy. anxiety might not disappear completely,but atleast you should be in a position to manage.take help if your close and dear ones.let them support you too.mingle with your friends ,try to conquer your inner fear.join some like minded people club.donot rush to conceiving.first manage your anxiety.i wish you all the very best.
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Question: Message by Renu Rk: Hello guys...I'm abt to complete my 8th month on 26th ,this is my first 9th month is near I'm getting very nervous abt delivery,before conceiving I was taking treatment for Anxiety depression after tht i left and got twice light panic attacks in past can I copeup with not so gud dilevery stories I heard before ....wil my anxiety n getting panicked habbit harm my baby ???plz help..
Answer: Hello You are not alone in dis. I was so scared in my 9th month I would sweat thinking abt what would happen. But to be honest whn the delivery happens you have no choice but to go with the flow. It's over in no time. Do not opt for c section as u will have more pain for months.
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Question: Im getting too much of headake... Evm i cant sleep. Plz help me out.. im 12weekd prgct
Answer: Hi dear Head ache causes due to lack of oxygen.and stress in you..drink water as much you can and relax yourself and take a bowl of warm water and keeo your foots in it as it helps to maintain oxygen supply in you and also relieves from stress..
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