30 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi dactor, since 2 days i am suffering pain on left side hip.. it is normal or any complecation is there..

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Answer: Hello dear, Hip pain, it's because, that pregnancy hormone relaxin is living up to its name that many pregnant women experience hip pain in their second or third trimester. Hip pain is usually caused by the loosening of the ligaments holding together the sacroiliac joints, which connect your spine to your pelvis. You can try this for relief... Rest. The first thing Humphrey tells her patients is to rest, which means avoiding the activities that cause the pain. ... Ice. Applying an ice pack to the area where you're feeling the pain can reduce inflammation and make your hip feel better. ... Compression. ... Elevation.
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Question: Hi I am suffering with pain on left side of my hip...not too much but the pain coming frequently....is it normal...
Answer: Hello dear. Yes it is normal. During pregnancy due to ur expanding uterus the surrounding nerves gets all the pressure and hence pain in thigh, hips, legs are common during pregnancy. Use heat compress to get relief in pain ir you can use ointment like moov or volini as well. Hope it helps.
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Question: I facing left side hip pain.. Is it normal
Answer: Yes dear it's normal I had also suffer from this situation. It will be recover after delivery. My mom told me if u have hip pain u will be deliver a baby boy and it's true. My boy is 4 months old
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Question: Hello mam.. I m suffering from hip pain on left side.. Is it normal pain? Plz tel me..
Answer: Hi dear, At this stage of pregnancy,most of the pains and aches are normal.hip pain could be due to the result of growing baby.the pelvis is expanding to incorporate baby in uterus and also helping you for future labor pains.all the muscles and bones around abdomen go though such stress.i would advice you not to sit in one place for long.try to relax hip muscles by walking around and staying active.you can put,cold or hot compress on the hip too.mild massage would help too.,..,.,
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