33 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi, can I eat raisins with gestational diabetes 145mg/dl?

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Question: Can I eat puffed rice with gestational diabetes?
Answer: Hi... You can eat rice with limited amount.Puffed rice is ok,but better is to avoid more rice product.I too had gestational diabetes in my pregnancy. My doc suggested to eat less rice .Have your meals in 2 hours gap.Better to avoid beetroot, carrot. And eat one fruit a day...
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Question: Can i eat mango with gestational diabetes
Answer: Hi dear you can eat Mango gestational diabetes try to avoid taking much you can take one or two pieces of Mango they will not create any problem because even I had gestational diabetes when I was pregnant and I eat mangoes but not more so you don't need to get up and about it and also avoid eating more white food like rice white bread sugar in your we take more vegetables pulses grains and millets which helps to keep your sugar and control and also take aloe vera juice every morning with curd or buttermilk which helps to increase the insulin secretion
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Question: Can I eat pomegranate with gestational diabetes?
Answer: Hi dear yes you can take pomegranate in a limited quantity during gestational diabetes most of the fruits contain a lot of sugar except of the citrus fruits which are good for you you should try to take those more take care
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