36 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi,any remedy for hemorrhoids?I am 36 weeks pregnant.i am doing sit bath,taking vegetables and fruits.motion is ok but the condition continues.ps suggest any remedy.

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Question: Hi I am 17 weeks pregnant but still i don't like any food and its smell please suggest any remedy.
Answer: Hello! These symptoms for some might continue for the entire pregnancy. Hence there is no remedies apart from that it stops on its own. You can have what ever you like giving the food a healthy twist. Also keep having lemon water sips through out the day. This helps to reduce the nausea to some extent. Take care
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Question: I am 33 weeks pregnant.i have cold and cough.plz suggest me some suitable medicine or home remedy for it.thank u
Answer: It is very common in pregnancy to get cough and cold and that can get aggravated and severe because of already low immunity. and a lot of bodily changes that happen when pregnant ladies and children are very prone to cough because they are immunity compromised. for cough and cold with fever and seeing a phlegm. also I will advise you to see your gynecologist once because you will be needing acetaminophen or Paracetamol to relieve body ache and pain as well as fever and you will be needing a good cough syrup containing dextromethorphan are also known as protussa. these are mild cough syrup for dry cough this will help to relieve the symptoms. Stuffy nose can be relived by putting 2 drops of nasoclear saline solution 5-6 times a day. You can skso put karvol plus tablets in a steamer or humidifier by gently squeezing out the liquid. And inhale the good eucalyptus and nilgiti aroma oil. but for phelgume if it is more and also if your gynaecologist can listen a wheezing sound in your chest she will prescribe you antibiotics to subside the infection because you need to be healthy and absolutely free of disease while delivering so that you do not transmit the infection to baby please see your gynaecologist tomorrow. take care
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Question: Hi I am 28 Weeks pregnant. Kindly share some natural remedies for Hemorrhoids. found a small lump in the rectum unable to sit for long time
Answer: You can use a sitz bath (a basin filled with warm water) or a bath to soak yourself in warm water. This will help hemorrhoids(piles) to shrink. Do this two to four times a day. Sit on a pillow or waffle cushion to relieve pressure on the rectum. Sitting in a rocking chair or recliner may also be more comfortable than sitting in a straight chair. Hemorrhoid creams, ointments, or sprays are available over-the-counter and can produce short term relief. Ask your doctor to prescribe you one. Increase dietary fiber and your intake of fluids. This will help to prevent constipation. You may be prescribed a stool softener, and this may take a few days to work. Drinking extra water will also help keep your stools soft. If the pain does not go away within a few days, contact your doctor for further assistance.
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