32 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi am 8month pregnant my hemoglobin percentage is 9.5 is there no problem for delivery

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Answer: If u have norml dlrvg so no prblm
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    Uppalapati Divya842 days ago

    No i have c-section 4years back

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Question: Hi, I am 23 weeks pregnant, My hemoglobin level is 9.5, is that any problem
Answer: Hello dear... The normal value for hemoglobin during pregnancy is 12-16mg/dL,decrease in this value leads to Anemia,mildanemia in pregnancy will cause to most women, because more blood is taken for baby's development, if you are not getting nutrients from your diet,it won't produce more blood and causes anaemia.. Intake of healthy diet helps you a lot.. Intake of folate rich items like whole wheat, cereals,oats, lentils Drink two glasses of milk daily You can have ABC (apple, beetroot,carrot) juice,will increase bloods,you can see difference in a week Include more vegetables and fruits in your diet,have green leafy vegetables in any form daily Make a habit of eating dryfruits daily,start your day with having soaked dryfruits in morning,it will surely increases hemoglobin Eat two soaked figs will increase the HB level If you are a non vegetarian,eat egg,chicken,fish weekly twice will help a lot..
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Question: Hi..iam 7 th month pregnant.. My hb percentage is 9.5..will b any problem?
Answer: hemoglobin levels at 9.5 or below were not associated with retarded fetal growth or preterm labor but rather a failure of the hemoglobin to fall fromearly pregnancy levels, indicating a healthy blood volume expansion was associated with these problems. There can be a 20% increase in the total number of red blood cells but the amount of plasma increases even more causing dilution of those red cells in the body. A hemoglobin level of pregnancy can naturally lower to 10.5 gm/dL representing a normal anemia of pregnancy
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Question: Hi am 22 weeks pregnant and my hemoglobin percentage is 9.5 is that ok?..
Answer: Not ok. U must increase 1. Start a day with 1 apple. 2. Have a regular breakfast you wish for. 3. Around 11 am have a glass of pomegranate juice and kiwi fruit 4. Have your lunch, in salads have 1 beetroot chopped. 5. In evening, finely chopped 2-3 beetroot, 3-4 chopped carrots, nicely washed and chopped spinach. Put them in a cooker add little water and salt to taste. Cook for 2-3 whistles. Filter the maximum juice out of it by squeezing the content. You will left with a big glass of juice and drink. 6. Left over content from step 5 can be used to make vegetable for dinner.
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