8 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi am 7weeks pregnant.last 2 days am having head ache all the day.i couldn't do any work i feel very tired can u tell me y this headache coming ? And remedies pls

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Question: Hi.. i hav 1month baby. I am having heavy head ache. Please give me any home remedies for this
Answer: Hello dear... Head ache after delivery and in lactation period mainly cause due to dehydration, harmonal changes,lack of sleep,and also due to postpartum depression,there are few steps will help you relive from head ache Since you are in breastfeeding,you should have nutrious diet,with lot of whole grain,fruits , veggies and nuts,will definitely boost your energy and releives from head ache Drink atleast 10-12 glasses of water daily,include juice,soups too, because dehydration play a vital role in head ache Sleep when your baby sleep, because being a new mon you won't get enough sleep ,so sleepas much as you can,this will also be effective Be relaxed,stay calm,can hear soft music or engaged some time in your favourite activity,do some breathing techniques like pranayama will also help in relieving headache
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Question: I am 9 weeks 3 days preg ... feeling very uneasy and having severe head ache it feels like kilos on my head...pls pls help
Answer: Hie Headache is common in pregnancy With all the stress, sleeplessness and hormonal changes happening often headache is given Try making meditation a part of your daily routine It would help you battle stress and keep headache away Also keep yourself well hydrated and try going in a fresh air environment and take deep breaths with alternative nostrils try anilob bilomb it helps too Apply cold compress on your forehead for some releive
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Question: Am having severe headache, am 6month carrying. Any measure to reduce this head ache
Answer: Headaches are common in pregnancy. Since can not take any medicines, try eating smaller meals every 2-3 hours. Most importantly keep your water intake high. Headache is most likely happen if you go 2-3 hours without eating anything. Keep snacking mom along with a good ginger tea. Hope this will help.
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