13 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi am 12 weeks pregnent, on my prenatal screening report trisomy 21 probability is 1:92322. Hcgb 0.39 mom papp a 0.46 mom Nt 0.73 mom Is there anything to worry?

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Answer: Dear your report are fine so dont worry but constant scans are required to track babys growth. So please consult with your doctor..
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Question: I am 12 week pregnant. I have done my NT and Double marker test. My ppp A is 0.6 mom corr, free beta hcg is 2.88 corr. Mom, NT is 1.30mm, crl is 63.6 mm, trisomy 21 is 1:122, trisomy 13/18+NT is <1:10000, age risk 1:775 and trisomy 21 +NT is 1:786. So please tell me is there any problem in my report by trisomy 21 is 1 :122? Please reply me I am really worried.
Answer: Sister please don't panic and stop asking about this in social media Becoz in the busy schedule they may busy to answer your question but I have did the same test and my trisomy was 1.4310 which means in out of 4310 pregnancy 1 is suffered by drown syndrome.. We will think as positive.. Y we don't we are in the risk free category which is 4309 successfull pregnancy.. God bless u.. And visit your gynaecologist ASAP get cleared and there are some advanced test also.. They will suggest you.. Don't put too much things in your mind.. Becoz that will harm ur baby.. You should encourage your baby and motivate her or him by saying you can do it.. And ask God please don't put in shame.. And congratulations on ur pregnancy you hav crossed your 1 trimester God shall provide all the goodness my prayer is always with u.. Please mention ur name.. I will keep u in my prayers
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Question: Hi all, I just received my Prenatal screening report (NT scan+Bio chemistry) results are down syndrome probability 1:37279 and screening test is negative. What it means?
Answer: hi dear! it just means that your chances of getting down's syndrome is very less. so dont worry about it , its fine dear your reports are fine.so negative reports are good. take care dear.
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Question: Trisomy 21: tis result of the screening test has a probability is 1:80028 for Down's syndrome in this pregnancy. Screening test is negative .. is tat normal report
Answer: Yes no problem.. The test should come only negative. Your reports are normal
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