10 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi am 10weeks pregnant my back bone is pain it's normal?

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Answer: Hi dear, Backpain, abdominal cramps are completely normal during pregnancy. Use a comfortable pillow to sleep and it will help. Also do mild walking to keep your body healthy.
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Question: 10weeks my back bone is pain it's normal?
Answer: Hello! During pregnancy due to the growing uterus, the muscles and the ligaments stretches a lot. This increases the pain in the back which is nothing to worry. To get immediate relief try lying on the left, and apply hot water bottle wrapped in towel. Apart from that make sure that you take enough of water, walk on daily basis, avoid bending ,wear comfortable shoes and sit straight with proper back support. Take care
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Question: hi am 10weeks pregnant i have too much pain in my back n bum also it is normal or what?
Answer: Yes it is normal in pregnacy.. but if u have any concern regarding pain then consult to your doctor
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Question: Hi am 7 weeks pregnant and am having pain in my back bone for past two days...is this normal??????
Answer: quite normal... if u can not bare that pain then consult ur doctor
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