4 months old baby

Question: Hi all, my baby just completed 4months. From past 2 days she is passing less urine around 3 to 4times only and dark yellow. Looks like she is dehydrated. Please suggest what to do

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Answer: As it is summer they get dehydrated, breast feeding frequently is more than enough.. Don't give water until she complete 6 months. By giving water her appetite will decrease
Answer: Please give her some water. As its summer now, they need water. And many babies get sweat. So not to worry.
Answer: Give more bf. Consult Ur pediatrician
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Question: My baby completed 4 months. She is passing urine slightly dark yellow colour. Is it safe ?
Answer: Hi.. Dear Urination should never be painful. If you notice any signs of distress while your infant is urinating, notify your child's health care provider because this could be a sign of infection or some other problem in the urinary tract. In a healthy child, urine is light to dark yellow  in color.
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Question: Past 2 days my urine excretion is very less (dark yellow colour). Drinking around 3- 3.5 l of water. Very much worried. Help please
Answer: Urine generally should be pale yellow colour. Consult to your doctor for queries, it might be anything like urine infection, gestation diabetes or you having fever? Drink coconut water, fresh fruit juices and drink 1 glass of water every half or 1 hour. Keep your urinary bladder empty
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Question: Past 2 days my urine is in dark pure yellow color what should I for that
Answer: If u are passing dark yellow color urine then it might be because u are having less water in pregnancy. So, keep urself hydated and drink lots of water. U should drink atleast 10 cups or 2.3 liters of water per day.
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